Yoga is a great way for anyone in Southport to reduce their body fat while keeping limbs flexible and strong.

 At Total Physio, we offer Yoga  lasses, and also Pilates, a form of exercise that combines the core elements of yoga with martial arts routines and more contemporary exercise methods. 

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 What is Yoga?

 Yoga is not like any other form of exercise.

Derived from ancient Asian practices, it is a way of bringing restoration to the entire human being.

It not only deals with an imbalance in your physical being, but it will also help bring healing to the spiritual and mental dimensions. What you take out of it being entirely up to you.

This means many people use yoga simply for the huge physical benefits it brings, while others also enjoy a more spiritual dimension to their practice. 

Some research has even shown that yoga helps treat chronic ailments such as asthma and even terminal illnesses like cancer. 

Benefits of Yoga

 People in Southport and other parts of the UK love yoga not just for its physical benefits.

It is a great stress reliever. With all the pressure people face in their workplaces and at home, the calming effect of Yoga is more than welcome.

Modern lifestyles have messed with the posture of most people as they spend all day sitting at desks. Yoga helps improve body posture and align the spinal cord.

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