Sports injuries

We are one of the most respected sports Physiotherapists in the UK. Our Manchester sports injury clinics are run by a team of experienced Chartered Physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists qualified to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate sportsmen and women from all walks of life.

We guarantee you a safe and personal programme designed to ensure you reach or regain your peak performance. We know that time out of the game is frustrating for you and we’ll support and communicate with you at every stage of your recovery – from diagnosis to the time you return to your sport.

All sportsmen and women can also benefit from a full gym-based rehabilitation programme in our purpose-built physio-gyms.

We offer expert physio treatment and rehab physio for:

  • Football Injuries including calf and groin strains, knee problems ACL and cartilage rehab
  • Injuries sustained by athletes
  • Golfing Injuries including Golfers Elbow
  • Cricketing Injuries
  • Rugby Injuries
  • Tennis Injuries
  • Squash Injuries