Sports Massage and Massage Prestwich

massage at our prestwich clinic

There is a place to get a sports massage in Prestwich that will leave you feeling not only a million dollars but like you’ve got great value for your money.

That’s because Total Physio Prestwich has long been associated with excellence in sports massage and other massage therapies.

If you are a professional sportsman or woman or are simply someone who engages in a lot of physical activity, you need to give your body the attention it deserves.

Even if you don’t fall in any of the above categories, you could have a problem that can be fixed with our normal physio massage services.

Feel free to contact us on 0161 683 0652 or email us to book an appointment with our professional, qualified masseurs in Prestwich.

Why you may need massage or sports massage?

There are a host of reasons why you may need a massage at our Prestwich clinic as there are a host of conditions massage can help with.

Have you suffered shin splints, a hamstring strain or any other unusual tightness in your muscles as a result of high-intensity sports?

Or are you in the process of rehabilitation from injury or simply looking for stress relief?

Regardless of your goal, our skilled, qualified masseurs at Total Physio Prestwich can help.

Feel better, Stay well

Massage is a great treatment for soft tissue injuries will not only help you engage in any form of activity more comfortably, it will help prevent more serious muscular injury occurring.

A qualified masseur in Prestwich will administer treatment to help you recover from injury as well as keep scar tissue from building up in the problem area.

They will work on the muscle-tendon junctions to boost flexibility and movement in your joints, improving your performance and endurance.

Our highly trained, experienced massage therapists offer a wide range of related treatments at our Prestwich centre.

Among the other kinds of massage treatment available in Prestwich are Swedish massage, Indian head massage and aromatherapy.

Call us today on 0161 683 0652 or get in touch via email and say goodbye to soreness and muscular strain.