Shin Splints Treatment Manchester

Many people in Manchester suffer shin splints at some point in their life.

But help is at hand.  Physiotherapy can make a profound difference to the management and healing of this frustrating problem.

If you live in Manchester and suffer shin splint pain, then contact one of our Manchester Physio clinics now to find out how we can help.

What are shin splints?

Shin splints can strike people in Manchester at any time – running for a bus, hurrying to your car or shin splintsduring or after exercise. Shin Splints are a broad name for any pain on the front of the lower leg and seem to be caused by the anterior tibialis muscle and adjacent tissues in the front of the outer leg.

Shin Splints occur usually with people in Manchester who are quite active – and are commonly designated as an ‘over-use’ injury. They are deeply frustrating for anyone who has them.


Shin Splints: The Symptoms

We see people from Manchester in our clinics who have a pronounced pain in the front of the shin below the knee which usually occurs during activities such as walking.

The pain of shin splints is often located on the outer edge of the mid region of the leg next to the shin bone (the tibia). An area of discomfort measuring 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) in length is frequently present. Pain is often noted at the early portion of their Manchester workout, then lessens only to reappear near the end of the training session.

Shin splints can be quite subtle at first and doesn’t stop people in Manchester walking or working out, but the pain often becomes more intense to the point where they curtail their walks or workouts altogether.

Why Do People in Manchester Suffer from Shin Splints?

A main aggravant causing shin splints is a sudden increase in the distance or intensity of a workout session, such as after starting a new fitness regime in Manchester or increasing the intensity of your exercise.

This sudden increase in muscle work can lead to people in Manchester having an inflammation of theshin muscles, the muscles used when lifting the foot (dorsiflexion). This can be exacerbated by a tendency to pronate your foot (rolling it excessively inward onto the arch).

Additionally,  if before your workout , or exercise, you have a tight achilles tendon or weak ankle muscles, then this also contributes to the development of shin splints. These factors that help cause shin splints will be assessed fully and treated when you visit your nearest physio to Manchester. Your physio treatment aims to not only cure your shin splints but prevent them from reoccurring.

Shin Splints – Diagnosis

Your Manchester physiotherapist will conduct a structured clinical assessment before making a diagnosis.

They will also make a careful review of your medical/lifestyle history and an in-depth physical exam ( on the shins and legs where tenderness is noted). They will also examine your biomechanics and gait (walking) pattern to understand the reason for your problem.

Some people we see with shin splints from Manchester may also be helped by radiological tests, such as x-rays, bone scans or MRI scans, so as to rule out stress fracture and other potential underlying injures to  the tibia bone. These help your Manchester Physiotherapist get you active again safely and quickly.

Treatment of Shin Splints in Manchester

Your  physio will first advise a “relative rest”approach, namely keeping you active without aggravating the problem further.  Sometimes, we will advise complete rest is for healing if there’s a risk of worsening your shin splints injury.

Our Manchester physio’s approach to shin splints may include:

  • Exercise programmes to keep cardio fitness, while your injury heals.
  • Massage and soft tissue treatments.
  • Footwear and biomechanics analysis.
  • Stretching
  • Strengthening exercises in our Physio-Gym to rehabilitate your injury and increase your fitness.
  • Electrotherapy treatments to help with healing, e.g.Ultrasound.
  • Hot and cold therapies.
  • Referral to one of our recommended Podiatrists in or near Manchester for provision of orthotic insoles.

Our approach to the people we see with shin splints is always to tailor shin splint treatments to the personal needs of each individual and their specific problem, with the shared outcome of healing your shin splints and putting in place the right method to prevent them from returning.

Call our Clinic closest to Manchester now to make an appointment and start on your road to recovery from shin splints.