Professional Oldham Chiropodist

chiropody work in oldham

At Total Physio Oldham, we offer a professional chiropody and podiatry service.

This is provided by qualified, specialist foot therapists.

Our Oldham clinic is, on Broadway Chadderton making it easily accessible by car and public transport.

Call today for more information on our Oldham Chiropody services or to make an appointment on 0161 681 0822. Alternatively, you can email us any questions here

What is Chiropody and Podiatry?

Chiropody, especially when combined with Podiatry , which extends treatment to the lower limbs, involves total care of the feet.

This results in a positive impact on your whole body.

The old fashioned view of “Chiropody” as cutting toenails is long since gone.

Modern chiropodists are podiatrists and treat every age and foot problem.

And we have many happy patients at our Chiropody Clinic in Oldham that will vouch for the quality of the chiropody and podiatry services that we offer.

Biomechanical Conditions

Biomechanics can be applied to the feet to understand function and movement. Poor function can adversely affect other parts of the lower body such as ankles and knees. Biomechanics is an important part of the Total Physio chiropody and podiatry solution.

A biomechanical examination will identify imbalances within your body and correct them by mechanical means using techniques such as insoles, foot orthosis, manipulation, stretching and strengthening.

Common conditions treated

  • Cracked Heels: This is a common condition, particularly in summer. Although not serious in the initial stages, cracked heels can become painful and may lead to more serious conditions if not treated.
  • Corns: There are two common types of corns – hard and soft corns – both caused by skin being squeezed between the bone of the foot and the shoe and or as a result of the toes rubbing against each other.

What our Chiropodists can do for you

  • Treatment of Corns, Callus, Cracked Heels and other common conditions of the feet.
  • Prevent ulceration of the feet
  • Palliative and preventative treatment of abnormalities as a result of arthritis
  • Correction of ingrown toenails
  • Toenail cutting
  • Curative treatment of verruca

Find out more about how our Oldham chiropodist service can help you by using the contact details on our Oldham Clinic page.