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FOOT DOCTOR: Pain relief with podiatry

Put your Feet First – Get Podiatry in Prestwich

 If your feet are causing you any sort of problem, please come and see your local Prestwich podiatrists.

All the podiatrists at our Prestwich clinic are skilled, trained, expert practitioners of podiatry.

If you are recovering from a foot fracture, have sprained your ankle or had a foot infection, they can help with pain relief and medication.

If you have unsightly fungal issues or annoyances like bunions, verruca’s, corns and callouses, then our podiatrists can also help

We use our feet all the time; and any problems with ankles and feet can be helped by podiatry at our Total Physio clinic in Prestwich.

Podiatry can help with a huge range of foot problems such as shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, ankle joint pain, sprained ankle ligaments, calf muscle strains, toe pain and heel pain.

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 Take Care of your Feet in Summer

During summer one should be aware of several things for proper foot care.

Flip-flops are popular summer footwear, but they do carry risks.

They lack proper support required for the foot arch.

Prolonged use may lead to severe pain and discomfort. Blisters too may form, in some cases.

These convenient summer wear staple are also not the best at the beach, as rough sand particles are inevitably going to rub on one’s feet, causing painful sores.

Athlete’s foot or other foot warts are also highly likely with this kind of footwear, as toes are exposed.

Prestwich podiatry is the just what you need for correction of any and all of these symptoms of flip-flop summer use.

Get in touch with us on 0161 683 0652 to find out which course of treatment will work best for you.

Prevention of fungal infections is also handy during the warmer months. Sweat produced due to activity out in the sun may lead to infection.

We recommend aerating one’s feet sans socks and shoes. Rotate between several pairs of footwear regularly and change out socks every day. Remain vigilant at swimming pool communal showers, as this is a fungal hotspot.

Cuts and punctures may occur when barefoot outside of the home.

Jagged stone edges found at creeks, canals and beside other water bodies are often the sources of these injuries. Diabetics are strongly advised to have on sandals or shoes, to avoid prolonged healing times in the case of injury.

Kayaking and canoeing often require specialised footwear, which should be worn at all times when pursuing these activities.

Cracking and dryness, usually from sweating of the feet, is very common in the summertime. If you don’t get attention from a podiatrist, infection and unsightly bleeding may ensue.

Affordable options to prevent this plight includes the use of a pumice stone at bath time and the application of soothing creams and balms.

If you have any worries, all us on 0161 683 0652 or email us to arrange an appointment with our expert podiatrists.