Get rid of those nagging aches and pains with a relaxing physiotherapy session at our Stockport clinic.

Highly active individuals and professional athletes who endure punishing training sessions can also repair their strained muscles with deep massage or muscle energy techniques. The process of coming back from injuries can be drastically shortened with a few focused sessions with our seasoned therapists.

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Sports injuries and Physiotherapy in Stockport

Patient at the physiotherapy doing physical therapy

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy encompasses a variety of specialised techniques that are aimed at treating an array of sports-related injuries including:

  • Knee pain and cartilage tears: If you are involved in physically demanding sports like football, rugby and athletics, it’s only natural that your joints will feel the strain. Manipulation and focused mobilisation techniques coupled with heat treatment will help lessen knee pains and heal cartilage damage.
  • Muscle strains: These are not uncommon among professional athletes and gym enthusiasts. While ointments and sprays provide temporary relief, you need a few sessions at our physiotherapy clinic in Stockport for a more lasting solution. Techniques like massage, targeted gym routines and taping techniques can help offset persistent muscle strain.

Occupational injuries and Physiotherapy  

Due to performing a certain strenuous motion continually, or maintaining an unbalanced posture throughout the day, many people develop back pains, tennis elbow and other similar conditions.

Neck pains are commonplace among people who are hunched over laptops for the better part of the day. Whatever the cause of your pain or discomfort, our highly qualified therapists will be able to recommend a course of treatment and follow it through.

Deep transverse frictional massage and spinal traction are two modes of treatment highly effective in treating the above kinds of maladies. They relieve pressure on the spine as well as relax muscles by improving circulation in them.

Stress Relief and Physiotherapy

It’s well known that massage contributes to stress relief and a good night’s sleep by manipulating muscular tension and removing it from the body. So if you’re naturally uptight or in need of a good night’s, you can also books massage sessions at our Stockport clinic

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