For massage in Stockport which will provide you with pain and stress relief, and get your body back to form after injury, visit Total Physio.

Also, if you have developed backaches due to your sitting posture, work-related exertions or an arduous exercise regime, the right massage can bring great relief.

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We offer several kinds of massage to residents of Stockport and other parts of the Greater Manchester.

Massage to help recovery

If you have suffered a traumatic injury our massage treatment can be tailored to complement your physiotherapy regime. In this way, you will be able to strengthen the muscles around the injured area and speed up healing. Injured sports enthusiasts and professional athletes will be able to return to their best in a shorter time period.

Massage for wellbeing

Massage is a well-known means of getting worn out muscles and joints to relax. In this same vein, it has been known as a sure means of combating stress. But this is not the only way in which massage therapy is instrumental in improving physical wellbeing. It aids in:

  • Eliminating muscle spasms and pain from cramping
  • Treating back pain
  • Curing headaches and migraines
  • Improving body circulation
  • Enhancing your flexibility
  • Increasing sleep for insomniacs
  • Improving your overall mood and making you feel good

Besides being part of the treatment after injury, massage can be a means of preventing injury. For high-performance athletes, sports massage can be particularly important in staying fit. It can help you recover faster from injury as well.

What we offer at our Stockport Massage clinic:-

At Total Physio’s Stockport clinic we have highly experienced masseurs proficient in various forms of massage including:

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