sports massage

 If you’re a Southport resident recovering from injury or simply in need of stress relief, then book an appointment at our Southport massage clinic.

We provide a raft of massage treatments in Southport designed to get you back to full-fitness or simply feel more relaxed.

Our well-trained Southport masseurs will be able to relax your muscles and help restore them to full function after a couple of sessions.

Visit our Southport clinic to set up your massage treatment schedule or call us on 01704 229015 to find out more about our massage therapy packages.

More about Massage at Total Physio Southport

 You may be thinking what exactly can massage do for me?

Massage is not just useful to those trying to nurse their bodies back to full functionality after injury.

Our Southport clinic offers massage therapy to those looking to reduce the effects of work-related stress on their bodies.

If you have been complaining of a stiff neck or back pain that won’t go away no matter how many painkillers you take, you could be in need of a nice long Swedish massage.

That will help permanently relieve you from pain as well as give your body the full range of motion it previously enjoyed.

Back Pain and Massage:  Great Benefits

Or maybe you are an active individual forced to slow down on your training regime by spasms in your back.

A deep tissue massage by our skilful masseurs will help you deal with the problem once and for all and get back to your intense workouts.

Not only will massage help you recover from injury, but it will also help prevent injury and even increase your performance levels.

If you are engaged in a physically demanding occupation, our sports massage can also work wonders for you, helping you to relax your muscles while boosting your productivity.

Call us today on 01704 229015 to get more information on the kinds of massage therapy you can get from our Southport clinic.

Or feel free to pay us a visit at 141 Cambridge Road, Churchtown to book your session.