There is a place in Preston you can get a professional massage and sports massage to sort out any aches, strains and injuries you may have now.

You no longer need to suffer in silence or wait until your minor discomfort turns into a long term issue that will be expensive to treat.

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Among the kinds of treatment you will get at our Preston clinic are massage and sports massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture and psychological services.

Massage Benefits

Less stress: By now you probably know that massage is working on the body using pressure, tension or vibration with the aim of easing tension in joints and muscles. What you may not know is that this centuries-old practice brings benefits that extend beyond the physical. A good massage will lower your stress levels. Your heart rate will be significantly lowered, as will your cortisol and insulin levels. These three are factors that are known to contribute to stress. 

Greater flexibility: As an athlete, no matter in which discipline, flexibility is key to high performance as well as the avoidance of injury. But it’s not just athletes who need massage therapy aimed at keeping the body nimble. As we age, our bodies naturally tend to become stiffer. However, quality massage, performed regularly, can drastically slow down this process.

Improved circulation: In addition to the above benefits, massage will aid in improving your blood flow. The motions applied to your muscles and joints helps get rid of lactic acid and boosts the flow of lymph fluid which removes waste from muscles and organs.

Sports Massage in Preston

Total Physio are experts in treating injuries or pain among sportspeople from all levels.

So whether you are suffering from golf swing strain or damage from intensive competitive sports, we have the masssage therpists to help you. 

We at Total Physio in Longridge, Preston are happy when our patients enjoy these benefits and live as comfortably as they can.

For this reason, we have brought on board the best massage therapists and physiotherapists.

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