If you’re seeking lasting relief from bodily aches or fatigue brought on by your daily exertions, or want help in recovering from injury, then you should consider  massage at our Nottingham clinic.

A sports massage at our Nottingham Advance Physio clinic will serve you well if you live in the area and are preparing for a serious competition or want help to recover after exercise.

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 How our Nottingham Masseurs can Help You

You probably have an idea of what a massage consists of; a masseur exerts careful pressure on specific parts of your body to bring relief from strain. While this is a fair description of the practice, it is by no means complete.sports massage

There is a lot that goes into a massage and a lot to be got out of it.

A massage needs to, first of all, be carried out by a highly experienced professional. You are sure to be attended to by just such a massage therapist at our Nottingham Advance Physio clinic.

Secondly, there are many different massage techniques, each suited to a different purpose.

Different Massage Techniques

There are techniques used for a massage that is part of physiotherapy treatment for people who are recovering from surgery or some form of injury. Such treatment is geared at strengthening the muscles in the area and restoring full mobility, especially in joint areas. Massage in this arena is also useful in preventing recurrence of that particular injury.

Other massage techniques are used to enhance general wellbeing.

This is where Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, and Indian head massage fall.

These time-honoured modes of treatment bring relief from stress while boosting your circulation.

They have also been proven to alleviate back pain and relax tensed up muscles. Patients who receive massage or sports massage in Nottingham will also notice that their concentration is better and that they can sleep better.

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