Massage and Sports Massage Bolton

Anyone looking for stress relief, injury recovery or simply improved well-being should contact the massage and sports massage team at Bolton’s leading Physio.sports massage

We offer trained, expert masseurs in Bolton, who will devise a massage treatment plan to suit your needs.

Since time immemorial massage has been used to bring relief to people recovering from injury or wating relaxation.

It is a form of physiotherapy that can serve many purposes. People living in Bolton involved in a rigorous activity or seeking relief from stress can rely on massage and sports massage to improve your sense of well-being.

Visit our central Bolton clinic using these directions or our Lostock clinic using these. You can also send us an email for more information on the different types of massage we offer. You can also reach us by telephone on 0161 749 9051.

How Massage Will Help You

How can massage, and sports massage, be of benefit to a Bolton resident like me, you may ask?

You probably don’t engage in any high octane athletics and have a simple work-home routine.

However, you may be experiencing a persistent backache or be nursing niggling back spasms. Or you may have aching legs that keep you awake at night. Whatever your niggle or pain from excessive sport, the best way to get lasting relief for such problems is applying some components of sports massage like deep tissue massage.

This kind of massage will also deal with pain arising from poor sitting posture or demanding work routines.

It will also help prevent long-term problems caused by daily activities that exert unnatural strain on muscles and joints.

Sports Massage in Bolton

If you are one of those Bolton residents who relishes their sport and have had to deal with sports injuries, our Bolton massage therapists will help you get back to your best.

massage clinic in bolton

GET RELIEF FROM BACK PAIN: Visit our masseurs at our Bolton clinics

David Roberts Physio built their reputation on being among the leading sport massage teams in the UK.

They will work with you to restore your muscular strength, mobility, and flexibility and ensure your muscles, joints and tendons are in tip-top condition.

Besides helping you return to the activities you love as soon as possible, we aim to help you avoid long-term complications. Our massage treatment also helps prevent injury, so you could call it a three-in-one package.

Over and above sports massage we offer an assortment of massage treatments designed to offer you many health benefits on top of that relaxation you’ve been craving.

Ask for a Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage or an Indian head massage and your body will thank you.

In addition to working away kinks in your back or different kinds of pain, our massage will reduce your stress levels as well as help you sleep better and improve your concentration. It will even improve your mood!

Call us now on 0161 749 9051 to book your massage at our central Bolton clinic or on 01204 691088 if you prefer Lostock, or send us an online message, and we’ll get back to you.