Foot Health Care Southport

Isn’t it time you rewarded your weary self with five-star foot health care in one of the leading physio clinics in Southport?

At Total Physio, we live to help restore your hardworking body, including your feet, to its fully functional, restored self.

Massaging and treating your lower extremities with the utmost professional care and cutting-edge technology part of our core businesses.

Call 01704 229015 to find out what we can do for your feet or contact us online to arrange a visit to our Southport clinic.

foot health care in southport

FEET FIRST: Give your feet the attention they deserve

Why you need foot health care in Southport

 Southport, like most English towns, has a diverse adult population of elderly people who are probe to foot aches and pains or professionals who work long hours, standing all day or walking long distances.

Both types of people would hugely benefit from foot TLC.

Because for all the things they help us get done, we don’t always give our feet the attention they deserve.

And what most of us fail to realise is that this neglected part of our bodies could be the cause of some of the ‘major’ problems we have.

That recurrent back pain could be a result of an untreated condition in your feet.

At our Southport clinic, we use various time-tested techniques to administer the required foot health care to our patients regardless of age.

To reintroduce balance and comfort, we use insoles to realign your feet.

We have specially designed massage and manipulation techniques that we use to ease tension in the feet as well as correct imbalances.

During our sessions, you may also receive some strength building and muscle stretching exercise routines.

The foot health care experts we have at our Southport clinic are not only highly trained; they care deeply about every patient under their care.

You can, therefore, be sure of getting the highest quality of care at Total Physio.

Book your foot care sessions today by calling 01704 229015 or visiting our Southport clinic located here.