chiropodist in blackburn

 Why should you put your feet first with Chiropody at our Blackburn clinic?

There’s many reasons. While their importance to our mobility and balance is unquestionable, we tend not to give our feet the tender, loving care they deserve.

Chiropody is one way residents of Blackburn can repay their feet for the crucial role they play in our day to day lives. Through this form of treatment, you can get your feet assessed by professionals and treated back to full health.

Additionally, our Blackburn chiropodists can be called upon to help with any number of foot related issues outlined below, from pain or injuries to common problems like callouses.

To find out more about how you and your feet can benefit from our Blackburn chiropody services, call us on 0161 683 0652 or send us an email.


Why you need a chiropodist

 It is not only serious sports people with foot injuries who need the services of chiropodists in Blackburn.

If you are diabetic and are dealing with related foot problems, our specialists will be able to bring you some relief.

Should your footwear or occupation result in you developing corns and calluses, then they will examine your foot, come up with a treatment plan and help get your feet back to perfect shape.

You could have been troubled by ingrown toenails or struggling with a fungal infection and wonder which kind of specialist to see. Try our trained chiropodists.

Are you a professional athlete or sports enthusiast starting to feel the strain of continuous exertion on your feet?

We know just how to deal with those torn tendons, fractured bones or inflamed joints.

We have experience in tackling calf muscle strains and ankle sprains as well as shin splints so don’t suffer in silence.

At Total Physiotherapy Blackburn, we pride ourselves in offering highly individualised care for your feet.

The breadth and depth of expertise among our chiropodists at our Blackburn clinic allows us to offer patients a comprehensive treatment plan that will lead to full recovery and sustained health in the long run.

Get in touch with us today for an appointment with an expert chiropodist on 01254 202 657or visit our Blackburn clinic to begin your journey to a healthier you.