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FOOTLOOSE: One of our chiropodists takes away some foot tension

Chiropody in Prestwich: A Cure-all for your Feet 

Foot pain comes in different forms; and from different causes, but what is consistent is that a visit to your Prestwich chiropodist will ease your foot troubles.

That’s because Total Physio employ only expert, trained chiropodists at their Prestwich clinic so your feet will be in the best possible hands – literally!

Whether you’ve sprained your ankle playing sports or walking, or are recovering from a fracture or an infection, chiropody at our Prestwich clinic can help.

Chiropody will also help with various foot fungal infections, bunions, verruca’s, corns and callouses; or you may be looking for a diagnosis for your foot discomfort.

Our foot doctor will be able to treat your foot ailment and provide medication if needed to keep your feet where they should be, working hard for you without pain or constraint.

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Why you may need to visit our Prestwich clinic chiropodist

 The ankle may be a small part of the body, but it does plenty of work.

It helps support your weight when you stand and ensures that you can walk or run smoothly.

Despite its important function in locomotion and other tasks, the ankle is particularly vulnerable because there are no strong supportive muscles around the ankle.

There are only tendons and ligaments around it attaching it to other parts of the foot and the leg.

It is, therefore, prone to inflammation and breakage, especially in competitive athletes who exert a lot of pressure on it when running, jumping or even swimming.

Those suffering from arthritis are also susceptible to pain on the ankle joint.

If you have been experiencing pain or inflammation in your lower leg, feet or ankle, you need one of our expert podiatrists to examine you carefully and recommend a course of treatment.

They will provide you with individualised, professional help step by step until you are back to full health.

Among the ailments our chiropodists in Prestwich can offer help with are shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, ankle joint pain, sprained ankle ligaments, calf muscle strains, toe pain and heel pain.

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