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How Acupuncture Works

Traditional acupuncture differs from western practice acupuncture in some ways.

Customarily, the focus lay on energy forces, named Qi, flowing through the body.

When one’s Qi was said to be unbalanced or obstructed, one was said to be unwell. Consequently, acupuncture was seen as restorative, bringing back one’s balance, or Qi.

Here you can find more information on what Qi entails.

Western practice Acupuncturists at our Blackburn clinic follow a modern, fact centred variety.

To be sure, we know that acupuncture encourages optimum muscle and nerve tissue conditioning, contributing to the lessening of pain.

Acupuncture leads to optimistic signs such as improved states of relaxation, immune system enhancements, muscle spasm declines, and the release of pain relieving, natural hormones (endorphins).

Acupuncture Treatment in Blackburn

Our acupuncture therapists insert, painlessly, one-use needles into the patient’s skin spread throughout certain areas of the body.

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Doctor uses needles for treatment of the patient

These needles are typically 25 to 50 times slimmer than doctors’ syringes, placed according to which body part is ailing and the best method to use to diffuse the ailment.

8 to 10 sessions are the recommended minimum amount to realise substantial improvements.

Acupuncture treatments have no known side effects.

How Acupuncture Helps

The common disorders cured by acupuncture include arthritis, soft tissue wounds, steady lasting migraines and headaches, long-lasting foot pain, lingering sprains, enduring neck pain, tendonitis, and prolonged back pain.

Conclusive, scientific evidence is available proving acupuncture offers relief to all, irrespective of age.

Also, acupuncture is also used to aid in addiction control, such as smoking, among others.

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